Welcome to the web site which provides On-Line information about helping you to build your version of the famous Paraset

We particularly welcome those who were members of the now closed  "  Paraset "  Club

NOTE: It is NOT legal to operate an RF Transmitter without a suitable licence appropriate for your county of residence. We make the assumption that if you build this equipment that you are suitably licenced.

A replica Paraset

Agent at work ?

A genuine and very early model of Paraset

In the early days, nothing was 'mass produced', at Whaddon Hall (Whaddon, Buckinghamshire), in the production line sense, e.g. the Parasets were handwired by Army Signalmen who came and went which explains some of the differences to be seen under the panel in those Parasets. Several thousand Parasets were produced and possibly no two were identical.

So the fact that the Paraset were possibly slightly different, one to another, gives you the opportunity to make your own variation based on the basic theme of the Paraset.

  • We don't mind if you don't fit the internal key but fit a key jack for your favourite morse key.

  • We don't mind if you band spread it on one band only.

  • And, we don't mind if you don't fit a friction drive and fit RIT instead.

Since they stopped making real ones about seventy years ago the Paraset was not designed for today's ham band conditions so the web site shows you some ideas that it is thought may help make your Paraset hold its own in a crowded ham band.

BTW - We would like a photograph of your Paraset which we could use on the web site so that it can encourage others to have a go to make their own replica Paraset.

Above all, have some fun and get YOUR Paraset on the air ---- Finally please send us some feedback.

Click here for info on what may be the first Transatlantic QSO on a PARASET

"To all who operated Parasets in WWII, we owe them our thanks"